Bill Payment Services

It�s easy to accept any Bill Payments Telephone, Gas, Electric, Mortgage, Cable, Satellite, Parking Ticket & more...

  • Enter the company your customer wants to pay.
  • Add your customer�s name, the amount to be paid, and your password.
  • Every time a customer pays their bills you make money!

Behind the scenes, the CDSCA Network sends information to the biller indicating that the transaction has been processed and payment is on its way, all on the most secure platform with 100% data security to protect our customers.

While most payment systems have only have a handful billers in their network, CDSCA has more than 5,000 In-Network Billers and the flexibility to add any biller your customer wants to pay. You�ll never have to turn customers away with the CDSCA Network.

Customers worried about late payments? CDSCA Network�s RUSH Service pays a selection of billers in as little as 2-12 hours.



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